A Little Leak Leads To A Big Problem

by admin on October 9, 2012

Who knew that a little water line to the refrigerator could cause thousands of dollars in damage? This Portage, Indiana, client knows all too well. A leak in the water line to the refrigerator on the top floor led to more than $14,000 in damage to four rooms of this house.

“I woke up and went downstairs to throw a load of laundry in before getting ready for work to find huge water bubbles all over the ceiling
of three of my rooms,” said Melissa G. Turns out the water line leading to the refrigerator on the second floor broke off and began leaking into the floor, which in turn created water damage to three rooms on the lower level of the house and two rooms on the upper level.

“Porters arrived that same morning and began working on drying out my house and cleaning up the damage,” Melissa explained. “Over the next few weeks, they restored my home,” she added. “It was a pleasure to have the Porters technicians in my home, as they were there on the spot to clean up, their workmanship was quick but high quality, and they worked well with my insurance company, explaining everything along the way.”

The result? “My lower level actually looks better than it did before the damage,” Melissa said. “It was nice to work with people who delivered on their promises and helped me deal with the intricacies of insurance work,” she added. “Working with Porters was a great experience and I would highly recommend Porters Restoration and Remodeling to everyone!”